People Analytics

One of our key competencies is measuring and analyzing HR data. Currently, the offering around HR Analytics focuses on tools and content, but very few (if any) supplier has managed to combine these two areas of expertise into one, HR specific Analytics application.

Aitosoft founders have extensive experience measuring and analyzing HR data in big, global enterprises, but also in smaller companies in both private and public sector. The deep content knowledge and comprehensive IT knowledge give us a solid basis for implementing intuitive and innovative people analytics solutions.

Aitosoft mission is to create insights that help the whole organization succeed. “Knocking barriers” between HR and Business is not a ceremonial testimony, but a clear and reachable goal for us!

Business Advisory

Quite often, Software decisions are being made before thoroughly understanding all of the implicit and explicit assumptions and circumstances around the measured process. With Aitosoft Business Advisory, you can rest assure that no critical decisions will be made before comprehensive understanding, what you are aiming to do, why, how, and with what technology.

We guide you through the whole process, beginning with the needs, hopes, expectations and company policies and ending with a justified proposal, what to do, when, with what efforts. Only then you can be sure that no funny or harmful decisions have been made.

Data Protection

EU Data Protection legal framework is one of our key focus areas. We have thoroughly investigated the implications and requirements around this topic.

Obviously, Aitosoft takes these requirements into account already now. All solutions and services Aitosoft provide are fully compliant with the requlations, but by learning and implementing the concept within Aitosoft, we like to offer the knowledge for our customers, too. We can help you assess, develop and assure your Data Protection compliance so that in 25 May 2018, you will not be caught off-guard with the legislation requirements.

Performance Measurement

Aitosoft concentrates on the more demanding tasks of finding the correct metrics in areas nobody has previously been. This means that we first build a comprehensive understanding of the subject/process to be measured, join efforts with customer resources, decide upon the rough way to proceed, and deliver the first metrics in a few days or weeks. By carefully iterating the metrics with the customer, we finally cover the measurements needs with highest quality and usability.

Obviously, we can also design and implement a set of more traditional metrics and tools in cases where the measurement specifications are more defined and agreed. Even then, we can recommend and implement the best solution available for the case.

Being impartial in suggesting and implementing software makes Aitosoft a genuine IT Partner for you in the longer run.


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